Learn how to help your child THRIVE!

From the comfort of your home, navigate the challenges of the autism spectrum and learn how you can give a child the best start in life from our panel of experts.

From the comfort of your home, navigate the challenges of the autism spectrum and learn how you can give a child the best start in life from our panel of experts.

Why Attend The Autism Parenting Summit?

The Summit bridges the ever-growing gap between autism experts and special needs families. You can learn effective strategies to support your child on topics that matter most:

  • Behavior Solutions
  • Speech & Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Sensory Solutions
  • Transitioning to Adulthood
  • Picky Eating
  • Executive Function & Motor Skills
  • Education
  • Dealing with Transitions
  • Mental Health & Anxiety
  • Self-care for Parents
  • And much more... 

Join us from October 13 - 16, 2023

Meet our Keynote Sponsors

Dr. Noelle Patno, PhD

Chief Science Officer at Bened Life

Sponsored: The Gut Microbiome in the Gut-Brain Axis and the Role of Probiotic PS128 in Autism

Dr. Noelle Patno, PhD, is Chief Science Officer at Bened Life. She started her career after a B.S. in chemical engineering with honors and distinction from Stanford in the pharmaceutical and medical device world. After completing her Ph.D. in Molecular Metabolism and Nutrition from the University of Chicago, Dr. Patno has focused on dietary supplements and medical foods and has conducted clinical prebiotic and probiotic research.

Dr. Travis Whitney, NMD, MSc, MSAc

Founder/CMO of Innate Healthcare Institute

Sponsored: Clinical Applications of Umbilical Cord Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Integrative Medicine in ASD

Dr. Travis Whitney is a Board Certified Naturopathic Medical Doctor licensed in the state of Arizona, specialising in umbilical cord stem cell and integrative medicine. He is the founder of Innate Healthcare Institute, Arizona's premiere regenerative and personalised medicine clinic, with patients flying from all over the world to receive care. Innate Healthcare Institute is the first private clinic in the U.S. to provide live umbilical cord mesenchymal stem cells for the treatment of Autism Spectrum Disorder. Combined with stem cells and integrative medicine, Innate Healthcare Institute has helped changed hundreds of families lives for patients and their families

Dr. Whitney was born and raised in Fort Walton Beach, FL. After time in the U.S. Army as an Infantry Officer he pursued studying medicine. When not practicing medicine or in the lab he enjoys spending time with his family, exploring the human potential through meditation and breathwork, baseball, exercise, cooking, gardening, hiking/camping, traveling, reading, playing guitar, practicing Buddhism, and studying all things for health, healing and longevity.

Dolly Bhargava, MS

Registered Specialist Behavior Support Practitioner and Speech Pathologist

Sponsored: Teaching Your Child With Autism Emotional Regulation

Dolly Bhargava has completed a Speech Pathology degree from the University of Sydney and a Masters of Special Education (Sensory Disability) from the University of Newcastle. She currently works as a NDIS Registered Specialist Behaviour Support Practitioner and Speech Pathologist with children, adolescents, and adults with complex emotional and behavioral difficulties (EBD) in family homes, childcare centers, schools, post-school options, prisons, employment, and accommodation settings.

Kelly Bridgeforth received her BS in Social Psychology from Park University and her MS in Psychology, Applied Behavior Analysis from Capella University. She has worked professionally in the field since 2016 after retiring from the Air Force. Kelly became interested in ABA after her daughter was diagnosed with autism and started therapy. In her time as a BCBA, Kelly supervised in-home and clinical settings with clients ages 2-14. She has been in a clinical director role for over 3 years. During her time as a Clinical Director, Kelly started 2 early intervention clinics and grew them into successful places of joy for clients and staff. Kelly's professional passions include staff training, mentorship, and empowering families. She enjoys partnering with families and a multidisciplinary team to ensure individuals reach their full potential.

Kelly Bridgeforth, MS, BCBA, LBA

Clinical Director of Blue Balloon ABA - Arizona

Sponsored: Behavior Skills Training. The 4-Step Training Model for Successful Parent Sessions

Meet Ouexpert Speakers

Dr. Theoharis C. Theoharides, MS, MPhil, PhD, MD, FAAAAI

Scientific Director of Algonot, LLC

Sponsored: Brain Immune Storms, Fear and Autism

Angela Vargo

Vice President of Marketing, Communications and Product Experience for Breeze Airways

Sponsored: Best Tips for Traveling With Your Autistic Child

Alan Day

Author, Travel Expert, Co-Founder & CEO of Autism Double-Checked

Sponsored: Best Tips for Traveling With Your Autistic Child

Dr. Ron Malcolm, EdD


Parenting your Nonverbal Child with Autism

Holly Blanc Moses, BCBA, LPC, LPA


Teaching your Child on the Spectrum Social Skills

Stephanie Bethany

Autistic YouTuber

Common Misconceptions About Autism

Valori Neiger, MS, BCBA

Behavior Expert and Feeding Therapist

How To Deal with Picky Eaters on the Spectrum

Karla Pretorius, M. Psych

Co-Founder of AIMS Global

Creating a Perfect Environment at Home

Nanette Botha, BEd

Co-Founder of AIMS Global

Creating a Perfect Environment at Home

Melissa Doman, BA, CSSC

Certified Sleep Sense Consultant

Common Sleep Problems - and How To Solve Them

Dr. Marcia Eckerd, PhD


Best Behavioral Interventions for Autism

Beatrice Moise, MS, BCCS

Cognitive Specialist & Parenting Coach

Top Tips for Parenting a Child on the Spectrum

Jimmy Clare

Autism Advocate

What it Was Like Growing Up with Autism

Rebecca Connick

Occupational Therapist

How Occupational Therapy can Help your Child on the Spectrum

Michelle Rogers

Autism Mom & Life Coach

Things I Have Learned from my Autistic Child

Dr. Chisato Hotta, DSW, LPCC, LMFT

Marriage and Family Therapist

How an Autism Diagnosis Affects the Family

Eric Chessen, MS

Founder of Autism Fitness and Director of Programming and Innovation for Inclusive Fitness

How Fitness Enhances Activities of Daily Life

Dr. Tasnuva Sarwar Tunna, M. Pharm, PhD

Founder and CEO, Autism Success Academy

5 Pillars to Autism Success

Lois Letchford, MA


What to Do When your Autistic Child Does Not Do Well in School

Ron Sandison, MDiv

Author and Professional Speaker

Empowering Your Child with Autism & Learning Challenges to Thrive in Life

Christian Armstrong

Motivational Speaker

Creating a New Perspective and Mindset about Autism

Mary Ann Hughes

Special Needs Divorce Coach

How to Support Kids on the Spectrum when Going Through Divorce

Ryan Platt, MBA, ChFC, ChSNC, CFBS

Founder, A Special Needs Plan

Taking Care of Your Autistic Child on a Budget

Ekua Walker, NP

Parent Coach and Pediatric Nurse Practitioner

Mindfulness for Parent and Child in the "Heat of the Moment"

Dr. Rachel Bédard, PhD


Am I Overparenting My Child on the Spectrum?

Dr. Lorna Hecker, PhD


Am I Overparenting My Child on the Spectrum?

Shikha Nagpal, B.Ed

Special Needs Educator

Why is Consistency in Routine Important for Autism Kids?

Angela Chapes

Autism and Mental Health Advocate

Autism and Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

Angela Chapes

Autism and Mental Health Advocate

Autism and Bullying: What Parents Need to Know

From Our Attendees: How The Summit Changes Lives

Get The Support You Need

Parenting a child with autism can be one of the most challenging yet rewarding jobs. As a parent, you are not just a caregiver but also a teacher, advocate, therapist, and so much more. Every day brings new concerns about communication, social skills, behavior, and daily activities - enough to make your head spin.

But you're not alone. The Autism Parenting Summit is here to help.

This FREE online event, from October 13 - 16, 2023, offers expert speaker sessions on the topics that matter most to you.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to get the support you need. To join us, hit the red button below and discover how you can improve the lives of your child and family.

Who Should Attend The Summit?

If you're parenting a child or young person on the autism spectrum, you won't want to miss the Autism Parenting Summit. It's the ultimate online event for caregivers seeking expert advice and support without paying a dime.

But the Summit isn't just for parents - it's for the entire autism community. Other family members, allies, caregivers, and people on the spectrum will find valuable insights from this event.

With an incredible lineup of speakers and topics, the Summit offers solutions to the most pressing challenges. From behavior solutions, speech & communication, social skills, and sensory solutions to education, mental health & anxiety, and self-care for parents - there's something for everyone.

Join our global audience of over 32,000 attendees and take the first step towards improving your child's life - and your own.

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Question: What is The Autism Parenting Summit?

The Autism Parenting Summit is an opportunity to meet experts in different areas of the autism world.

Question: When is this Summit happening?

The virtual Autism Parenting Summit is a 4-day event starting on October 13th and ending on October 16th, 2023.

Question: Do I need to travel to attend the summit?

There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, and time away from your family. You don’t even need to leave your house — attend from your computer, phone or tablet.

Question: When can I watch the video sessions?

The video sessions starts on October 13, 14, 15, and 16 according to the schedule.

Those days, everyone who has registered gets emails with links to where the sessions will go live. If you haven't registered yet, please do so above.

Please note that the videos will be released each day and available for 24 hours for free. If you would like to have lifetime access to the sessions, upgrade your pass here:

Question: How can I watch the videos?

On October 13, 14, 15, and 16 you will receive emails with links to where the sessions will go live. If you can't locate that email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. It might have accidentally landed there.

To avoid missing any session emails, we kindly ask that you whitelist or add us to your "safe list" by adding or saving our address [email protected] to your saved contacts.

If you're using Gmail, drag the email from your Promotions tab (if it appeared there) into your Primary email tab.

Question: I'm busy on October 13th, 14th, 15th, and 16th. Can I still watch the videos?

Each session is available for 24 hours. That means you have 24 hours to watch the sessions after they go live.

Suppose you know that you can't make it to the Summit. In that case, you can upgrade to the Lifetime Access Pass — giving you a lifetime, unlimited, "anytime" access to all the expert sessions, ready to watch on your schedule.

Question: Is this Summit available in my country?

The Autism Parenting Summit is a free online event. Everyone from all parts of the world can view all the expert sessions.

Scroll above this page to meet all our speakers and know the topics they're covering.

If you're busy and cannot watch all the sessions when they go live, then we're offering you the option to upgrade now to get unlimited, lifetime access to all the sessions — go to to upgrade to Lifetime Access Pass.

If you have any questions, email our Support Team via They're always ready to help. 

Question: Is the Summit available in Spanish?

We apologize, but we only have English-speaking autism experts. We hope you'd still consider joining us.

Also, suppose you'd like to watch the contents repeatedly until you fully understand how to implement them into your family's daily life. In that case, we invite you to upgrade to our Lifetime Access — this way, you'll get unlimited and lifetime access to all the sessions.

You can upgrade here:

Question: I have a child who is a teen/young adult/adult now. Can this Summit help?

We have several speaker sessions that help kids on the spectrum and teens, young adults, and adults. In addition, we have sessions covering topics like transitioning into adulthood, mental health and anxiety, social skills, and more.

Scroll above this page to meet all our speakers and know the topics they're covering.

Also, this virtual event is free of charge, so think of one golden nugget that you take away and implement in your parenting... that's a step towards your child's independent life!

Question: I signed up but I'm experiencing some technical issues.

We're sorry you're experiencing technical issues. Please head to our Contact Us for some suggested solutions. If the issue persists, fill out the contact form found on that page too.

Question: Do I get a Certificate of Attendance?

Yes we offer this for people who purchase the Lifetime Access Pass. To upgrade today, please visit

Question: Are the Slides Available for Download?

Yes we offer this for people who purchase the Lifetime Access Pass. To upgrade today, please visit:

Question: How do I gift a Lifetime Access Pass?

You can buy the Lifetime Access Pass on this link here: 

You will be able to gift your Lifetime Access Pass to anyone you want. Once purchased, please reach out to us and provide the name and email address you'd like to gift the Lifetime Access Pass to.