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From the comfort of your home, navigate the challenges of the autism spectrum and learn how you can give your child the best start in life from our panel of experts.

Parenting a child with autism is a challenging - yet rewarding - job.

You’re not just mom or dad, you’re a teacher, advocate, therapist...and so much more!
All parents worry about their children, but you face challenges with communication, social skills, behavior, daily activities…it’s enough to make your head spin.

Don’t worry. We’re here to help.

The Autism Parenting Summit from Autism Parenting Magazine takes place 1st-4th April 2022.

This FREE virtual event is full of expert speaker sessions helping you in the areas that matter most.

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Are You Still Undecided? Here’s A Taste Of Some Of The Topics Our Experts Will be Speaking About.

  • Behavior Solutions
  • Speech & Communication
  • Social Skills
  • Sensory Solutions
  • Transitioning to Adulthood
  • Picky Eating
  • Executive Function & Motor Skills
  • Education
  • Dealing with Transitions
  • Mental Health & Anxiety
  • Self-care for Parents
  • ..and much more...

Meet Our expert Speakers

Dr. Temple Grandin, PhD 

Prolific Writer in the Field of Autism

Navigating Autism: 9 Mindsets for Helping Kids on the Spectrum

Dr. Debra Moore, PhD


Navigating Autism: 9 Mindsets for Helping Kids on the Spectrum 

Jude Morrow, BSc

Autistic Entrepreneur, TEDx Speaker, Consultant and Philanthropist

How to Become a Hero for Autistic Children

Sue Simmons, BPHE, CPC, RDI

Founder of Equinox Family Consulting

EFT Therapy for Autism

Lilyan Campbell, MS, MFT, BCBA

Founder, CEO and Clinical Director of ABA Works

Manage Challenging Behaviors at Home & Help Increase Skills

Michelle O'Reilly


Navigating the Challenges of Group Homes

Lisa Candera, JD

Single Mom Raising a Teen with Autism, Life Coach and Lawyer

How to Keep Your Cool During Meltdowns

David Meyers

Creator of "Accessible Music"

Benefits of Music for Kids on the Spectrum

Kate Lynch, BFA

Meditation Coach, Inclusive Yoga Teacher, and Author

Quick Mindfulness Tips for Parents of Autistic Kids

Jamiel Owens

Autism Advocate, Father and Podcast Host

Fatherhood in the Dynamics of Autism

Katie Emde

Autism Advocate and Mother

Advocating for Your Child on the Spectrum

Lia McCabe, MS

Founder of AutismWish

Executive Dysfunction at Home & School

Dr. Natasha Campbell-McBride, MD

Neurologist, Neurosurgeon and Nutritionist

GAPS Diet for Autism

Amelia Dalphonse, MA, BCBA

Board Certified Behavior Analyst

Social Success: The Journey to Where Exactly?

Kelly Beins, BHSc, OTR

Occupational Therapist

Sensory Is Behavior: Stepping Away From Power Struggles

Kayla Monville, MEd


Supporting Children Who Are Nonverbal

Lisa Lane, MA, JD

Established Project HOPE Foundation

Promoting Meaningful Communication

Colette McNeil, MA


Creating Choice and Structure at Home

Monica Hudnall, MA, CCC-SLP/L

Advocacy Experience Within the American Speech-Language Hearing Association

The Speech-Language Pathologists' Role in Autism Interventions

Tony Attwood, PhD

Clinical Psychologist  

Exploring Emotions and Feelings (From Like to Love)

Malvika Mandal Samnani, OTR

Occupational Therapist

Picky Eating: Clinical Perspectives Beyond Behavior

Nicky Collins

The Autism Coach

Empowering Autistic Women and Girls

James Adams, PhD

President's Professor in the School of Engineering of Matter, Transport and Energy (SEMTE)

Microbiota Transplant for Treating Gut Problems

Dr. Marcia Eckerd, PhD

Licensed Psychologist

Keeping Anxiety from Becoming Trauma at School and Home

Macall Gordon, MA

Certified Gentle Sleep Coach

Sleep on the Spectrum: Sleep on the spectrum: A Neuro-Aware Approach

Ron Sandison, M Div

Professor of Theology at Destiny School of Ministry

Empowering Young People with Autism for Employment

Daniella Mini, MA


Preschool Education: Rights of Students & Families

Venessa Bobb

Founder of A2ndvoice

Autism: A Cultural Experience

Plus sessions from our Keynote Sponsors

Zafer Elcik, CEEL

Co-Founder and CEO of Otsimo

Sponsored Session: Closing the Gap with Special Apps for Special Kids

Zafer Elcik, CEEL is the co-Founder and CEO of Otsimo, a powerhouse producing special solutions for special kids. A thought leader in his field, Zafer strives to provide kids with special needs across the globe quality, affordable, and accessible special education solutions.

The game-based tools of Otsimo aim to close the gap in available resources in the early learning period for children. Otsimo’s mobile applications help kids improve their educational development while also having fun. An Ashoka Fellow, Zafer and Otsimo have won many awards for their social impact across the globe

Angelica Benson, MEd is Director of International Development and Outreach for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes – a leader in research and remediation for specific learning disabilities, including dyslexia and autism spectrum disorder. Angelica is also the Executive Director of the Lindamood-Bell Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing scholarships to families in need who are seeking life-changing instruction at Lindamood-Bell. 

In the past, she served as Project Director overseeing the intervention and research components related to Lindamood-Bell’s participation in a randomized, controlled study of dyslexic students receiving fMRI’s at Georgetown University’s Center for the Study of Learning. In her prior role as Center Director, she worked directly with families to improve their children’s reading and language comprehension skills. In addition, she has worked with schools in the USA and UK to implement Lindamood-Bell® research-validated programmes and school improvement models. She holds a Master of Education degree from Harvard University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of California.  

Angelica Benson, MEd 

Director of International Development and Outreach for Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes

Sponsored Session: Improving Reading and Language Comprehension in Children with Autism

Dr. Jared Skowron, ND

Founder of Spectrum Awakening

Sponsored: Discovering Biomedical Supplements for More Language 

Dr. Jared Skowron, ND is an international expert on the biomedical treatment of autism and Founder of Spectrum Awakening. A Biomedical MAPS Doctor, he is also the Amazon best-selling author of the children's health guide, 100 Natural Remedies For Your Child, and Founder of Spectrum Awakening, a premier autism vitamin company.

He has been in private practice for 18 years, working exclusively with children using natural medicine instead of pharmaceuticals, and voted Best Holistic Pediatrician 2019 and 2020. He is an international lecturer and has presented at Generation Rescue, TACA, National Autism Association, and Autism One. He is also on the medical advisory boards of Autism Hope Alliance, NeuroNeeds, Chemo & Crayons, and Natural Practitioner Magazine. 

Dr. Theoharis C. Theoharides, BA, MS, MPhil, PhD, MD, FAAAAI is Professor of Pharmacology and Internal Medicine, as well as Director of Molecular Immunopharmacology and Drug Discovery, in the Department of Immunology at Tufts University School of Medicine. He has received multiple awards for his work as well as his humanitarian efforts. Dr. Theoharides has published hundreds of scientific papers and first showed that mast cells, known for causing allergic reactions, are critical for inflammation, especially in the brain, and are involved in conditions that worsen with stress, including autism spectrum disorder.

Dr. Theoharides is Scientific Director of Algonot, LLC and has helped formulate unique dietary supplements. He has 37 patents and trademarks, including some covering the use of luteolin in brain inflammation and autism.

Dr. Theoharis C. Theoharides, BA, MS, MPhil, PhD, MD, FAAAAI

Scientific Director, Algonot

Sponsored: Need to Address Brain Inflammation & Perpetual Fight-Flight Status

who Is It For?

If you’re parenting a child or young person on the autism spectrum, then this FREE virtual event is for you! The Autism Parenting Summit has been created to help you on your parenting journey, with expert speakers covering topics ranging from behavior solutions, speech & communication, social skills, sensory solutions, transition to adulthood, picky eating, executive functions & motor skills, education, dealing with transitions, mental health & anxiety, self-care for parents – plus much more.

We’re confident the Autism Parenting Summit offers something for the whole autism community. In addition to parents, other autism family members, allies, caregivers, and people on the spectrum themselves could find key takeaways from this event.

What are you waiting for? Join our audience and get real advice from doctors, therapists, autism experts, and autism parents just like you!

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Question: What is The Autism Parenting Summit?

The Autism Parenting Summit is an opportunity to meet experts in different areas of the autism world.

Question: When is this Summit happening?

The virtual Autism Parenting Summit is a 3-day event starting on September 7 and ending on September 9, 2021. Please see the schedule of events here:

Question: Do I need to travel to attend the summit?

There’s no flight or hotel room to book… saving you thousands of dollars, unpaid work leave, and time away from your family. You don’t even need to leave your house — attend from your computer, phone or tablet.

Question: When can I watch the video sessions?

The video sessions start on September 7, 8, and 9 according to this schedule:

Those days, everyone who has registered gets emails with links to where the sessions will go live. If you haven't registered yet, please do so above.

Please note that the videos will be released each day and available for 24 hours for free.

Question: How can I watch the videos?

On September 7, 8, and 9, you will receive emails with links to where the sessions will go live. If you can't locate that email in your inbox, please check your spam folder. It might have accidentally landed there.

To avoid missing any session emails, we kindly ask that you whitelist or add us to your "safe list" by adding or saving our address to your saved contacts.

If you're using Gmail, drag the email from your Promotions tab (if it appeared there) into your Primary email tab.

Question: I'm busy on September 7, 8, and 9. Can I still watch the videos?

Each session is available for 24 hours. That means you have 24 hours to watch the sessions after they go live.

Suppose you know that you can't make it to the Summit. In that case, you can upgrade to the Autism Parenting Summit All-Access Pass — giving you a lifetime, unlimited, "anytime" access to all the expert sessions, ready to watch on your schedule.

TIP: Upgrade before 11:59 PM PST of September 6 to get the All-Access Pass at an early bird price of $35 — goes back to the regular price of $49 when the Summit begins.

Question: Is this Summit available in my country?

The Autism Parenting Summit is a free online event. Everyone from all parts of the world can view all the expert sessions.

Scroll above this page to meet all our speakers and know the topics they're covering.

If you're busy and cannot watch all the sessions when they go live, then we're offering you the option to upgrade now to get unlimited, lifetime access to all the sessions — go to to upgrade to All-Access Pass.

If you have any questions, email our Support Team via They're always ready to help.

Question: Is the Summit available in Spanish?

We apologize, but we only have English-speaking autism experts. We hope you'd still consider joining us.

Also, suppose you'd like to watch the contents repeatedly until you fully understand how to implement them into your family's daily life. In that case, we invite you to upgrade to our All-Access Pass — this way, you'll get unlimited and lifetime access to all the sessions.

You can upgrade here:

Question: I have a child who is a teen/young adult/adult now. Can this Summit help?

We have several speaker sessions that help kids on the spectrum and teens, young adults, and adults. In addition, we have sessions covering topics like transitioning into adulthood, mental health and anxiety, social skills, and more.

Scroll above this page to meet all our speakers and know the topics they're covering.

Also, this virtual event is free of charge, so think of one golden nugget that you take away and implement in your parenting... that's a step towards your child's independent life!

Question: I signed up but I'm experiencing some technical issues.

We're sorry you're experiencing technical issues. Please head to our Contact Us for some suggested solutions. If the issue persists, fill out the contact form found on that page too.