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With the many challenges that people with autism face every day, fitness and exercise are looked at as not essential or fundamental —this is a big mistake!

Autism Fitness Expert Eric Chessen is here to help.

Learn how to empower your family to use exercise as a foundation for improving daily living skills.

Fitness is one of the most overlooked and misunderstood areas of development for the ASD population.

Adapting to a regular routine is daunting enough due to the cognitive, emotional, and sensory difficulties.

All the more it becomes tougher for people with autism to adopt a fitness program.

With Eric Chessen's highly specialized fitness programs, you'll learn how to turn exercise into an effective, fun and meaningful activity for you, your child with autism and the rest of your family members.

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

TRY THIS @ HOME Autism Fitness with Eric Chessen gives you access to 4 different sections of the course.

Each section will help you understand the science of exercise and its benefits, know the common obstacles to fitness as well as how to overcome them, adapt tested fitness programs, and learn how to introduce them safely and effectively.

access to THE PAC PROFILE®

With TRY THIS @ HOME, you'll learn the fundamental basis of Autism Fitness and its 3 essential areas of skill for fitness/adapted PE programming; Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive — all of which are necessary in assessing and understanding your child's unique needs.

Note: THE PAC PROFILE® is created by Eric Chessen and is not found anywhere else.


All of the courses are available in video format which you can watch at your most convenient time. 

You can also watch them over and over until you fully understand how to implement them into your family's daily life.


You can also apply the fitness program in a group setting — that means it can be applied to every member of the family, therefore turning exercise into an effective, fun and meaningful activity for everyone. 

Special Offer

Get Try This @ Home Autism Fitness Course for only $99

About (Eric Chessen)

Eric Chessen, M.S. is the Founder of Autism Fitness and the Executive Program Director of Inclusive Fitness.

 He has over 18 years of experience providing fitness and adapted PE programs for the ASD/Special Needs Populations of all ages and ability levels. He has worked with individuals as young as 5 and as old as 55.

He is also the creator of the PAC Profile Method and the developer and lead instructor for the Autism Fitness Certification for occupational and physical therapists, speech pathologists, pediatricians, parents and family members, fitness trainers, and special educators.

He has spoken at TEDx at Hickam Air Force Base in Hawaii.

It his passion to implement fitness programs that really work for the autism and special needs community. 

Course Sections


Section 1:
➤ Introduction to Try This @ Home

➤ Understanding Fitness

This module introduces you to Autism Fitness and examines the general and specific benefits of fitness programs for the ASD population.


Section 2: 

➤ The PAC Profile Approach

➤ General Fitness vs. Sports-based Programs

➤ Common Obstacle to Fitness for ASD

➤ Socialization Aspect

This module focuses on our method, the PAC Profile. You'll learn about the 3 essential areas of skill for fitness/adapted PE programming; Physical, Adaptive, and Cognitive. Assessing and understanding these abilities is integral to success.


Section 3:

➤ Introduction to Programming
➤ Progressions and Regressions
➤ Exercise by Phase
➤ Creating Your Program

What exercises should we use and in what order? This section explores the exercises that make a difference and how to introduce them safely and effectively. You'll learn about the most important aspects of any exercise; progressions and regressions.


Section 4:

➤ Optimizing Coaching and Cuing

➤ Positive Behavior Support

Having great exercise options is not enough for programming success, we have to provide the right coaching and support for each athlete. In this section you'll learn strategies that have been proven to not only keep your athlete(s) focused, but ensure the most positive, reinforcing experience with exercise so that it can be a short- and long-term part of life.

Special Offer

Get Try This @ Home Autism Fitness Course for only $99

What makes us different

When you think about fitness for people with autism, what comes to your mind?

For many, they start thinking of the challenges and the person's unique needs.

Because autism affects physical, cognitive, emotional, and sensory functioning, it has become difficult for individuals on the autism spectrum to adopt a healthy lifestyle. 

That's what THE PAC PROFILE® is made for.

Created by Eric Chessen himself, this approach looks into the physical, adaptive, and cognitive (PAC) functioning of a person in assessing and creating an individualized fitness program.

It helps understand the current needs, ability levels, and existing challenges which are all crucial in setting an appropriate program that will really work.

With over 18 years of experience working with the autism and special needs population, Eric Chessen created THE PAC PROFILE® with the intention of using it exclusively for his clients.

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Special Offer

Get Try This @ Home Autism Fitness Course for only $99