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Autism Parenting Summit recordings 

Our 6 summits featured over 130 autism experts, including world-renowned autistic advocate Dr. Temple Grandin, PhD. They helped more than 100,000 attendees to learn and apply trusted techniques. 

8-Week Autism Parenting Course

This comprehensive course will teach you effective strategies to improve communication, reduce problem behavior, boost social skills, develop emotional regulation increase independence. And so much more!


Are you ready for your child to ditch diapers for good? Our course will show you how. Say goodbye to dirty diapers and say hello to a peaceful toilet routine - both you and your child on the spectrum deserve it.


Create and use visual schedules for meltdown-free transitions and clear communication (especially for nonverbal children). Ready-made and template schedules included!

Concept Learning Course

Help your child love learning, develop group sets of skills, be confident in their abilities, and reach their full potential. Learn to incorporate your child's interests to make learning sessions FUN.


How to be a successful, independent autistic adult. This mentorship course is specially designed to assist neurodivergent individuals as they take on the challenges of adulthood.

Sibling Support Course

Help neurotypical children understand and connect with their autistic siblings. Foster empathy, build strong bonds between children and create a supportive environment for the entire family. 

autism fitness with eric chessen

Does your autistic child have a fitness program that meets their physical, motivational, and sensory needs? Eric Chessen teaches you how to make exercise fun, meaningful and effective.


Anxiety fuels ASD symptoms like meltdowns, aggression, disrupted eating and sleep disorders. Get a spectrum of solutions in this webinar with Dr. Lorna Hecker and Dr. Rachel Bédard. 

Access over $1600 worth of content for just $39 $29/month

Join a community that understands

 Meet the Autism Learning Network

An online community and learning hub for autism parents and carers.

A space where parents and carers share experiences and get the help they need from autism experts, at a fraction of the cost of therapy.

Access over $1600 worth of content for just $39 $29/month

Access over $1600 worth of content for just $39 $29/month

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Access over $1600 worth of content for just $39 $29/month


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Access over $1600 worth of content for just $39 $29/month

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Access over $1600 worth of content for just $39 $29/month