Nurture The Sibling Bond

Discover Our Sibling Support Course for Building Strong Relationships!

With our course, any autism parent and sibling can learn how to support an autistic child in their family with:

  • Acknowledgement and understanding
  • Helping each other
  • Copying habits
  • Building a strong relationship between them

How to support an autistic sibling

Being a sibling of a child on the autism spectrum comes with various challenges, and every day can be a great struggle.

You need the right tools to help them!

It's as easy as one, two, three:

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  2. Watch the video course material to learn the basics and get the interactive templates.
  3. Start using the tips that you learned to build strong bonds and foster understanding between siblings!
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All the autistic sibling support you need in one place

You want to create a supportive environment for the entire family and help your children connect and cooperate. We provide the tools and techniques to:

  • Build lifelong bonds and compassion.
  • Cultivate empathy and compassion.
  • Encourage teamwork and cooperation.
  • Foster acceptance of strengths and weaknesses.
  • Influence positive relationships beyond the family unit.

If you enroll today, you will get:

Entirely self-paced video course material to learn the basics of supporting autistic kids and their siblings.

Unlimited access to the online course material to watch when, where, and as often as you need to.

PDF printables including templates to customize and ready-made schedules to use right away.

A certificate of attendance.

online course materials

Your PDF Printables include:

Sibling Support course printables
  • An interactive template to discover, draw and question the autistic sibling's world.
  • A guiding hand, ready-to-use tips for supporting an autistic sibling.
  • A board template to explore similarities and differences between siblings through the interactive template.

After completing this course you will:

reading siblings
  • Foster empathy and understanding.
  • Gain practical tools to enhance communication between siblings.
  • Discover how to create a supportive and inclusive home environment that promotes the overall well-being of both the autistic child and their sibling.
  • Encourage positive social interactions.
  • Promote self-advocacy skills.
  • Provide practical coping strategies.
  • And more...

Start the lessons

Introduction: My Sibling is Autistic. (02:47)

A welcome message and introduction to the course.

Lesson 1: Sibling Support (06:25)

A clear definition, with examples.

Lesson 2: What is Autism? (17:37)

Explore the advantages and what to keep in mind when setting up visual schedules. 

Lesson 3: Easy ways to help your sibling. (20:34)

First - Then, daily schedules, weekly schedules, a classroom setting, and more.

About The Course Teacher

Nanette Botha

Nanette Botha, BEd (Cum Laude)

Nanette is one of the two Directors of AIMS Global as well as the co-developer of the holistic AIMS Support System. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and graduated with Cum Laude.

Nanette has always had a passion for seeing children learn and grow. She started working with children diagnosed with autism and related conditions in 2007. She plays an integral part in supporting families through AIMS Global and AIMS Online which offers in-home, online, and supervised programs as well as full-spectrum online courses to support parents and their children in everyday life.

Having three kids herself, Nanette enjoys being creative in her approach and makes it her quest to teach children concepts through their interests. Teaching children functional skills is something she feels very strongly about.

The proof is in the pudding

It's time to get down to the facts.

For your child with autism, siblings are often extremely beneficial for developing social skills and supporting the child with ASD.

Numerous studies have shown that having siblings can bring significant benefits to the life of an autistic child. Siblings can play a crucial role in promoting social interaction, communication skills, and emotional development. They often serve as natural playmates, encouraging engagement, fostering empathy, and providing support that helps the autistic child navigate daily challenges more effectively.

There you have it - Sibling Support WORKS. Start our course with your family today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if this is the right course for me?

You will greatly benefit from this course if you answer “yes” to one of the following questions:
- Are you a parent or caregiver of a child on the autism spectrum?
- Does your child experience learning difficulties?
- Does your child need help to reach crucial developmental milestones?
- Does your child have difficulty handling changes to a routine?
- Does your child struggle to communicate needs effectively or regulate emotions?
- Do you notice that your child depends on someone else before taking on or completing a task?
- Would you like to increase your child’s confidence and independence within their abilities?

When does the Sibling Support Course start?

There is no fixed starting date or time for this course. Once you purchase the course, you can access the online video material when, where, and as often as you need to.

What is the duration of the course?

The course includes four videos, with a total duration of about forty-seven minutes. All the videos can be paused and resumed depending on your personal circumstances.

How long will I have access to the Sibling Support Course?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

What equipment/tools do I need to complete the course?

In order to watch the online videos, you need an electronic device such as a smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer with an up-to-date web browser (like Chrome, Safari, Firefox, etc.) and internet access.

When will I get my Certificate of Attendance?

You'll receive your certificate of attendance once you have completed the course.

Who do I contact if I still have questions?

You are welcome to reach out to our support team by sending us a message using the form found on this page.

I signed up for the course, but I did not receive an email.

We’re sorry that you did not receive an email confirming your purchase. Kindly fill out the form here, and our support team will contact you shortly.

How do I gift the Sibling Support Course?

Once purchased, please reach out to us and provide the name and email address you'd like to gift the course to. Send our support team a message using the form found on this page.


We believe in our course.

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