Adult Transitioning and Some Parental Pampering

Rob Gorski

11:30 AM (EDT) May 18, 2024

Rob Gorski

My name is Rob Gorski, and I’m based in Northeast Ohio. My mission is multi-faceted: I aim to educate, validate, and offer invaluable support to parents raising children with autism and other disabilities.  I’m a proud father to three incredible sons—Elliott, Emmett, and Gavin—all of whom are on the autism spectrum but are as different as night and day.

Gavin: Gavin, my oldest, deals with both autism and complex health issues. Despite these hurdles, he remains the most resilient and cheerful member of our family.

Elliott: Elliott is in the middle, and is my creative genius. He deals with anxiety but finds his solace in art, photography, writing, gaming, and music.

Emmett: Emmett, my youngest is intellectually gifted and incredibly empathetic. While he faces challenges in the sensory department, and ADHD, his ability to understand complex issues is truly remarkable.

By sharing our family’s story, I offer a window into the multifaceted world of autism, from the triumphs to the challenges, providing real-life perspectives you can relate to.   I’ve been humbled by acknowledgments from CNN, ABC News, BBC Worldwide, and appearances on the Tamron Hall Show. I’ve also received numerous awards for being one of the best autism-related blogs. But the heart and soul of this mission is community—your stories, your comments, and your involvement.