Providing L.I.G.HT Breaking the Barriers

Jarilyn Conner

4:00 PM (EDT) May 20, 2024

Jarilyn Conner, PhD, MPA, MA

Dr. Jarilyn Conner an established communications professor with marketing, counseling, public relations skills, is an author and mentor who has over 20 years of public speaking and educating experience. 

"My passion lies in services to people diagnosed with medical and social challenges." 

Dr. Conner, well known advocate, philanthropist and public speaker, provides programs and resources through the different communities and breaks the stigmas and explains their rights as they face challenges and concerns in the Autism Community. Dr. Jarilyn Conner is known as the "Autism Whisperer" who motivates, empowers and encourages individuals who are diagnosed with autism.

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