The Difficulties Of Transitioning To Adulthood

Thomas Henley

11:30 AM (EDT) May 17, 2024

Thomas Henley 

Thomas Henley is an Autism consultant, public speaker, workplace trainer and content creator running the top 1% rated ‘Thoughty Auti Podcast’, his YouTube channel and his popular instagram page with over 40k followers. His online career has led him to securing interviews and collaborations with celebrities like Temple Grandin, Steve Silberman, Professor Baron-Cohen, The Aspie World and Autism from The Inside.  Diagnosed at 10 with Aspergers Syndrome (ASD-1) and at 14 with severe mental health disorders, Thomas found meaning within his ambitions.

Now a fitness athlete, in his youth, he was a Commonwealth/British champion in Taekwondo being given the ‘Best Male Fighter Trophy of the Commonwealth’ trophy for his exceptional performance. Thomas is also a Biomedical Sciences (Hons) graduate from UoM, spending his industrial experience year in Thailand researching mosquitoes, before taking a 2 month backpacking trip around South East Asia with a good friend. With the production of his student documentary in his final year of university ‘Aspergers In Society’, he quickly garnered attention from BBC Manchester, being recruited as an ambassador for Born Anxious and Anna Kennedy OBE for his advocacy work.  Starting off his employment journey as a special needs TA before moving to work with the National Development Team For Inclusion (NDTi) where he facilitated interviews, ran a support group for disabled young people and delivered training to DWP.  

Thomas had a difficult life due to extensive bullying and subsequent mental illness which followed him into adulthood, but his passion for helping others understand his conditions and supporting other Autistic adults to improve their lives gives him the strength and motivation to weather his battle with depression. With insights into the world of teaching, genetic science, relationships, neuroscience, parenting, health/social care, over 6 years of engagement within the Autistic adult communities and his own personal insights into his experiences of Autism, Thomas prides himself on giving nuanced, sensitive and digestible insights into the world of Autism.