Dealing with Anger, Tantrums and Autism

Dr. Brett Novick

4:00 PM (EDT) October 12, 2024

Dr. Brett Novick

Dr. Brett Novick holds a Master's Degree in Family Therapy and post-degree certification in School Social Work and Educational Administration and earned his EdD in Educational Leadership.

He has worked as a School Social Worker/Counselor for the last 23 years and is an adjunct instructor at Rutgers University and Stockton University.

He has been a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in private practice, community mental health, and substance abuse settings over the last twenty-five years.  Additionally, he has supervised family counseling, school counseling, and centers for abused and neglected children, adults & children with developmental disabilities and has been a licensed foster parent.

Brett has authored ten educational and self-help books.  He has written two SEL and CBT children's books and created four therapeutic games for youth.  Additionally, he has written for several international. national educational, parenting, and mental health magazines. He has earned the 2019 APM Magazine Educational Writer of the Year Award, and the 2024 National School Social Worker Award Book of the Year Award for his book, Beyond Academic Success: Creating Social-Emotional Learning Balance in Elementary Students

He has been humbled with awards for his work in education, with the NJEA Martin Luther King Jr. Human and Civil Rights, NJ State Governor's Office Jefferson Award for Public Service as well as his District's Teacher of the Year and Ocean County Counselor of the Year and the NJ State Holocaust Education Commission's Hela Young Award.  

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