What Now? Making Sense of an Autism Diagnosis

Katie Moore

2:30 PM (EDT) October 11, 2024

Katie Moore, M.S., BCBA, LABA

Katie Moore has a Master of Science degree in applied behavior analysis from Northeastern University and almost ten years of experience in the industry. She has helped many individuals, families, and professionals make positive changes in their lives with autism. Katie specializes in Early Learners (ages 18 months to 5 years old) and non-vocal verbal individuals, but she welcomes the challenge of any skill level. 

She has worked in school systems, private ABA centers, and residential settings, which has helped develop her knowledge in IEP and insurance-based environments. Her interests and expertise include potty training, alternative communication, and toleration skills.

Her consulting company, Spectrum Solutions, provides consultation and training services to families with a new autism diagnosis or who are unsatisfied with their current services. They provide referrals and recommendations based on individual needs for children ages 2-6 and school-aged children. Their goal is to bridge the gap between diagnosis and progress by helping families become the best advocates for their children.

Between running her small businesses, you may find her jumping around at a good concert, traveling for weekend getaways, or snuggling with her husband and dog on the couch.