Unpacking the Autism Label: Understanding When it Helps and When it Doesn't

Lisa Candera

5:00 PM (EDT) October 13, 2024

Lisa Candera, Esquire

Lisa Candera (aka The Autism Mom Coach) is a full-time single mother of a teenage son with severe autism and OCD. She is also a certified life and grief coach for moms raising kids with autism, creator of the Resilient Autism Mom Program (RAMP), host of The Autism Mom Coach podcast, and the Chief Compliance Officer of Cigna Investments, Inc.

In RAMP (her 1:1 coaching program), Lisa teaches moms of children with autism how to fight like hell for their children without burning out. She does this by teaching her clients how to manage stress, calm anxiety, and protect their time and energy so they can go the distance for their children.

Lisa writes a column for Autism Services and Resources Connecticut's monthly newsletter, and she serves on the board of Sun, Moon, and Stars, Inc., a Connecticut-based non-profit for autism families.

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