Understanding the Brain-Body Relationship???

Sally Goddard Blythe

11:30 AM (EDT) October 12, 2024

Sally Goddard Blythe MSc. (Psych.)

Sally Goddard Blythe is director of the Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology (INPP), a private research, clinical, and training organization established in 1975. INPP is dedicated to developing assessment procedures to identify underlying physical factors in specific learning difficulties and underachievement.

Sally’s primary work has been in clinical practice, supervising INPP programs with children and their families.

In 1996, she developed the INPP screening test and developmental movement program, which has been used extensively in schools in the United Kingdom and many parts of the world. It is now accessible to children in the public education sector.

She has also led the standardization of training materials used in INPP-approved courses to apply the INPP method worldwide. Training in the method is available in 14 countries, and the practitioner course was recognized in 2018 as equivalent to 60 postgraduate credit points.

Sally has lectured and provided training on the role of infant reflexes in development and later learning problems to many different groups throughout Europe. These include a working party on child well-being at the European Parliament in Brussels, a cross-party committee at the House of Commons, and professional groups in different parts of the United States.

She has authored several research papers on the incidence and impact of immature neuromotor skills on development and educational achievement. Sally is also the author of eight books on children’s motor development, the first of which has become the “go-to” book on the role and impact of childhood reflexes.She focuses on private practice, lecturing, interviews, research, and consultancy.