Karla Pretorius & Nanette Botha

Behavior Solutions: (Im)Possible Parenting

Starts at 09:30 AM (EDT) September 07, 2021

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Designed to teach you the same strategies and "secrets" that experts use when working with children with autism, this course will help you...

Become your child's autism specialist without having to worry about recurring costs.

Because we believe, as parents, you know your children the best.

You know what disturbs and soothes their behavior...

And what they like or find unpleasant...

After all, you are your child's advocate!

Join us today to discover practical autism strategies and secrets, and save yourself from recurring therapy expenditures!

Karla Pretorius, M Psych

Karla is one of the two Directors of AIMS Global and co-developer of the holistic AIMS Support System. She started working in the field of autism and related conditions in 2004 and has played an instrumental role on an international level in advocating for autism (and all neurodiverse conditions).

Karla received a double Honors degree in Psychology in the US and South Africa as well as completing her Master’s degree in Psychology through The University of Stellenbosch as a Research Psychologist.

Karla currently resides in Portugal but travels all over the world to work with clients. Her passion for neurodiversity drives her to continue learning from people on the spectrum, parents, and professionals in the field.

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Nanette Botha, BEd (Cum Laude)

Nanette is one of the two Directors of AIMS Global as well as the co-developer of the holistic AIMS Support System. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Education and graduated with Cum Laude.

Nanette has always had a passion for seeing children learn and grow. She started working with children diagnosed with autism and related conditions in 2007. She plays an integral part in supporting families through AIMS Global and AIMS Online which offers in-home, online, and supervised programs as well as full-spectrum online courses to support parents and their children in everyday life.

Having three kids herself, Nanette enjoys being creative in her approach and makes it her quest to teach children concepts through their interests. Teaching children functional skills is something she feels very strongly about.

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