LaTonya Davis

Education: How to Support Autistic Learners

Starts at 10:30 AM (EDT) September 08, 2021

LaTonya Davis, JD

LaTonya is an autism mom, educator and lawyer. She designs content with school districts, companies and organizations on topics including autism, academics and antiracism.

LaTonya began homeschooling during the pandemic, using her expertise as a teacher, curriculum designer, Assistant Principal, K-12 Instructional Coach, and principal coach. She believes all kids can learn when you tap into their interests and motivations, make learning joyful, praise effort, and receive their feedback.

LaTonya earned a Presidential Scholarship to attend Bennett College, a Historically Black College, and thereafter graduated from St. Mary's University School of Law in Texas.
She serves as a Board Member of the Texas Autism Society, is recipient of the 2021 In Her Power Award, and is a former recipient of the Outstanding Woman in Law and Civic Educator of the Year awards.

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