Anxiety Can Fuel Some of the Symptoms of ASD, Leading to Challenging Behaviors and Difficulty Completing Everyday Tasks

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Anxiety can be the reason why your child with autism struggles to sleep at night, why they have issues around eating, and why they have regular meltdowns.

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  • What Do Stress and Anxiety Look Like?
  • Manage How We Respond To It
  • Resources For Families: Recommended Websites And Books To Help You On Your Journey
  • Questions and Answers


The Best Of APM: Managing Anxieties

Did you know anxiety is one of the most common issues experienced by children with autism? It is thought that around 40% of children on the autism spectrum also suffer from an anxiety disorder.

In today’s world where children are learning to cope with the realities of viruses, schoolwork, exams, and much more, it’s no surprise that this percentage is high.

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Our magazine features over 40 articles that focus on spotting the triggers for your child's anxiety and bringing you the best coping techniques to manage it — therefore helping you create a calming environment in your home.


  • Ways To Unlock And Manage Your Autistic Child's Anxiety
  • The Best Ways To Help People With Autism Manage Anxiety
  • Two Critical Steps To Support The Mental Health Needs Of Individuals With ASD
  • 7 Ways To Help Your Child Self-Regulate With Autism
  • How To Combat Negative Thoughts And Find Happiness With ASD
  • By How To Deal With Anxiety And Asperger’s Now
  • From Chaos To Peace: Using Mindfulness In Special Education
  • How To Help A Child With Autism With Emotional Self-Regulation
  • Easy Ways To Help Your Child With Self-Regulation
  • The Best Fidget Toys To Relieve Stress And Anxiety
  • How To Create A Calming Bedroom For A Child With ASD
  • Three Amazing Ways Mindfulness Can Impact Special Needs Parenting
  • Ways To Use Mindful Parenting To Overcome Frustration And Stress
  • 5 Ways To Help Your Child With Autism Learn Flexible Thinking
  • Anxiety And Autism: Best Ways To Relieve The Effects Of Anxiety
  • Finding Balance As A Special Needs Parent When You Feel Alone
  • Top Ways To Reduce An Autistic Child’s Anxieties During The Coronavirus Pandemic
  • Reducing Anxiety While Homebound With Children With Autism
  • Autism And Depression: Connections Between Autism, Mental Health, Emotions, And Other Co-Relating Conditions
  • Special Yoga To Help Autism Families Combat Anxiety During These Uncertain Times
  • Being Brave With Autism
  • The Effectiveness Of Visual Schedules For Kids With Autism
  • Craniosacral Therapy And Sensory Integration
  • Simple Ways To Help Relieve Your Child’s Stress: Calming Cookie Dough
  • The Benefits Of Pets With Autism: Maria’s Birds Heal Her Spirit
  • Best Sensory Strategies For Handling Tactile Defensiveness
  • The Importance Of Self-Care For The ASD Caregiver
  • Interesting Ways Occupational Therapy Can Help Parenting Stress
  • The Wonders And Benefits Of Art For Children With Autism
  • Excellent Ways To Help Your ASD Child Make Friends
  • A New And Improved Approach To Social Skills
  • 15 Easy Tricks To Make Every Day More Playful
  • 3 Steps To Staying Calm During A Child’s Meltdown
  • Taking Care Of You... The Importance Of Self-Care
  • Q&A Help: I’m A Mom With Two ASD Kids Afraid To Go Out
  • How Yoga Can Help Children With Autism Manage Anxiety
  • Autism And Anxiety Disorder – The Double Diagnosis
  • Mental Health And Anxiety Treatment With Autism: There Is Help
  • Top Ideas To Create A Calming Sensory Bedroom Space
  • How Music Can Help Those With ASD Cope With Anxiety
  • Simple Ways To Help Your Child With ASD Sleep Without Medicine
  • Weighted Vest For Autism: Benefits And Uses
  • The Calming Effects Of Essential Oils

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Get LIFETIME ACCESS to the “A Spectrum of Solutions for Stress and Anxiety” Webinar + Get the Managing Anxieties Compilation for FREE! For only $40!