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Finding the resources you need to help your child gain social skills can be tough.

That's why we created The Best of APM: Social Skills and Autism - a comprehensive compilation of our top content to help your child communicate, connect, and thrive. You’ll discover: 

  • Practical ways to improve conversational skills
  • Fun activities to boost friendships and peer relationships
  • Useful strategies for handling crowded events, jokes, teasing, and sarcasm
  • Guidance on dating, self-esteem, and fitting in
  • 41 articles full of strategies, tips and expert insights!

You want your child to be socially successful in school, activities, and life.

With The Best of APM: Social Skills and Autism you'll have the techniques to achieve that - all in one convenient resource.


  • Autism Social Skills: How To Enhance Social Interaction
  • Excellent Ways To Help Your ASD Child Make Friends
  • 4 Practical Interventions To Help Develop Social Skills
  • Easy Ways To Help Your Child Socialize Using Video Self-Modeling 
  • Aspie Dating: 10 Things To Keep In Mind When Looking For Love
  • 5 Simple Ways To Help Your Child With ASD Cope With Crowded Events 
  • Best Ways To Help Kids Build Social And Verbal Skills
  • Q&A Help: How Can I Promote A Sibling Bond When One Child Has Autism?
  • It’s Okay To Be Me – Ways To Build Self-Esteem For Children On The Spectrum 
  • And many more…

FREE Best of APM: Social Skills and Autism


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