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Prevent Tragedy and Protect Your Child Around Water

Our Webinar Will Give You Essential Safety Skills

Children with autism are 160 times as likely to die from drowning as the general pediatric population and according to the National Autism Association, accidental drowning accounts for 91% of deaths reported in children with ASD who are 14 years old and younger.

Is your tiny tadpole tentatively tiptoeing around the tub or are they already paddling and plunging? Regardless of their aquatic ability, arming your child with water wisdom is crucial.

Unsure if the beach, pool, or lake is safest for your kid? We'll provide crucial guidance tailored to protect ASD children in all aquatic environments.

Nervous your child will bolt towards the water? Get proven life-saving techniques to contain wandering and prevent tragedy from elopement.

Safety Skills for Autistic Roamers: Teaching Boundaries and Awareness

Elopement to water sources poses a grave threat to the safety of autistic children. 

Statistics show a disproportionately high drowning risk due to the impulse to wander combined with lack of water safety awareness.

Take The Plunge Into Water Safety For ASD Kids

  • Wondering What Safety Skills Help Autistic Roamers Learn Boundaries and Awareness?
  • Getting Lost In The Sea of Choices Over Life Vests?
  • Are You Concerned About Drowning Risks In Your Own Home?
  • Wondering When And How To Use Floatation Devices?
  • Are Mixed Messages Making You Seasick?
  • Feeling Confused Over Conflicting Water Safety Rules?
  • Are You Dreaming of a Vacation But Stressed Over Pool Safety? 

We'll Clear the Waters and Steer You Straight

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Take Back Summer! Ensure Fun in the Sun With Autism-Focused Water Safety From Our Experts

  • Strategies for Wandering, Elopement, and Sensory Seekers
  • Consistent Messaging For All Environments and From Every Family Member
  • Choosing the Right Life Jacket for Your Child's Size and Needs
  • Comfortable Floatation Devices for Autistic and Sensory-Averse Children
  • When to Avoid Life Jackets and Why 
  • Home Water Safety for ASD Children - Bathroom Basics
  • Swim Environments - Controlled vs Open Water
  • Simple Tips to Teach Your Child About Water Autonomy
  • Strategic Scheduling of Safety Precautions for Easier Adoption of Water Rules

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Becky Damgaard

Dayna Harvey

“I have been teaching swimming lessons for 36 years, and I have worked with so many children who have been neurodiverse, from an ADD or ADHD diagnosis to Asperger’s and all the way through the ASD spectrum.

I know that parents with children who are neurodivergent struggle with finding resources for their children, but when it comes to water safety and swimming lessons, the resources diminish even further. With the information that I would like to share, I hope this will educate and empower parents to know how they can be involved in their child’s water experiences, as well as what to look for and the questions to ask when looking into organized swimming lessons for them.”

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