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Founded in 1999, AAPC Publishing is your first source for practical solutions for autism spectrum and related disorders. 

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AAPC Publishing, formerly known as Autism Asperger Publishing Company, set out with a single goal in mind. Help the autism community by providing practical resources at an affordable price. Twenty-two years later, this is still our mission.

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Every year, we receive hundreds of book submissions and get a chance to work with incredible professionals, parents, and individuals from across the spectrum. A book is one of the best ways to be heard and create change, and we take that to heart. Having the opportunity to help give others a platform to share their voices and knowledge has been our privilege, and we are in awe of our authors and all they have worked to accomplish!

But that is not all we do; every year, AAPC Publishing donates hundreds of books to schools, educators, universities, parents, and individuals with ASD. The gifts help improve ASD programs and help individuals with autism reach their full and unlimited potential.

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