Anti-slavery and Human Trafficking Policy

Modern slavery is a grievous transgression against fundamental human rights and constitutes a criminal offense. This term encompasses slavery, servitude, coerced and forced labor, and human trafficking. This entails the deprivation of one person’s freedom by another to exploit that person for personal or commercial gain. 

At Autism Parenting Magazine, we are dedicated to fostering an inclusive, fair, and exploitation-free world – one that stands firmly against all manifestations of slavery and human trafficking. 

This policy against modern slavery and human trafficking underlines our unwavering commitment, both within our organization and throughout our supply chains and every individual or organization we interact with.  

We acknowledge that we have a responsibility as a leader within the autism community to uphold the highest ethical standards. Per the World Health Organization and other leading institutions, autistic individuals and their families are part of a vulnerable group, and it is our duty and responsibility to ensure the community is not exploited in any shape or form.  

However, we realize that our commitment transcends autism-focused issues, compelling us to actively participate in the worldwide endeavor to eliminate these abhorrent activities. 

We also acknowledge the importance of the United Nations Protocol to Prevent, Suppress, and Punish Trafficking in Persons, Especially Women and Children, and support its founding principles.