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The Algonot Family of Nutraceuticals are developed by & based on the research of Prof. Theoharis C. Theoharides, BA, MS, MPhil, PhD, MD, FAAAAI. He is also the Scientific Director of Algonot, LLC.

Let Nature Help You Be Your Best®

The Algonot Family of Nutraceuticals are intended for individuals with unique sensitivities and developmental issues. The greatest consideration is taken in the selection and purity of ingredients in our formulations for the benefit of our customers. Purity, safety and label honesty is our priority. The active ingredients help the body regulate mast cells and brain macrophages, microglia, reduce inflammation and oxidative stress, as well as protect the brain cells and help them recover.

Scientific Formulation

The exclusive Olive Pomace Oil distinctive to our formulations is used to ensure the greatest absorption of the key ingredients and to contribute its own antioxidant and anti-inflammatory actions. The unique patented formulas behind Algonot’s family of nutraceuticals are predicated on published research. These formulas were created with the guidance of internationally acclaimed physician scientists. Independent Laboratory testing certifies and assures that our ingredients are pure, safe and in the proper proportions for maximal benefit.

Our Products

The well-known NeuroProtek-Low Phenol® is now available in a new liquid formulated in olive pomace oil, is entirely vegan with no additives, coloring,  preservatives or sweeteners. This formulation is in dropper bottles allowing administration under the tongue for faster absorption and better efficacy.

Unique, hypoallergenic skin lotion for dry, irritated or sensitive skin containing the unique flavonoid, tetramethoxyflavone. It can be applied in any skin area, but especially on the temples to provide direct absorption in brain vessels.

How Environmental, Food & Stress Sensitivities

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