Empowering Individuals with Autism

About Us

Blue Balloon is family owned and operated and believes that each family and staff member in our circle is part of the broader Blue Balloon family. Parents/caregivers and families are embraced as valued members of the treatment team to facilitate your child’s success. Staff is a part of the family and contribute daily to our successes with your child, whether it be a session or a friendly voice answering a phone call.

We believe that everyone is an individual with unique qualities and capabilities, whether it is a member of our team or one of the children and / or families that we serve. We promote a culture of learning, empathy, belonging and share our core values. We cannot teach others without being willing to learn from one another first!

We empower authenticity, foster creativity and growth.

We believe in evidence-based therapies and that success is achieved through a collaboration of the entire interdisciplinary team. 

Our staff is key in providing input and understanding of how we can raise the bar to ensure that we are providing the highest quality of services each and every day. It is our goal to develop creative treatment plans for your child that will promote growth in all areas of their lives.

We celebrate and embrace each unique individual. We are committed to diversity, equity, and inclusion across our children and staff. We show a deep respect for others and have an inclusive culture where everyone is welcomed and recognized for their merit.

Our Mission

The mission of Blue Balloon is to create a positive difference and significantly improve the quality of life of children with autism spectrum disorders and others, by providing effective treatment techniques, based on the child’s individual needs. Our commitment is to establish a cooperative partnership through trust, respect, and communication with families. Let’s make the pieces fit together!

Key Services Offered

Psychological Evaluation

The first step is determining if an autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD) is appropriate. Our Psychologists can help make that determination that will provide some guidance on the way forward

ABA Therapy

We provide ABA services in a caring, nurturing manner that stimulates and motivates children to embrace learning by addressing their individual needs in the most compassionate manner.

Early Intervention Center

Offering Early Intervention, Afterschool, and Social Skills Groups in a warm, nurturing environment.

Social Skills Groups

Social skills groups are developed with children of similar age, developmental level, and cognitive ability to develop interpersonal skills needed for life, let out energy and have fun.

Parent Training

Our holistic approach engages the entire family by supporting you with education and training to understand your child’s current skills and how you can work with your child in reaching their best therapeutic outcomes.

Speech Therapy / Occupational Therapy 

Speech Therapy and Occupational Therapy are often critical components in developing a comprehensive program in supporting individuals with autism. We will develop a custom program ensuring that your child receives all necessary services.


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