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Family Values

Born out of strong, traditional and honest family values, we are a multi generation family business cooperating with our farmers, advisors, suppliers, distributors and customers as part of our wider family circle and together work towards achieving our common goals through solid relationships built on mutual respect, trust, integrity and understanding.

Mission Statement

To help re-discover the more natural path to better health and wellness for a healthier and happier humanity living in an enriched Planet Earth society.

Our Inspiration

Often referred to as the “Tree of Life”, we have drawn our inspiration from the incredible powers of the olive tree and the time defying longevity of those olive trees that date back thousands of years, yet are strong, healthy and continue to bear fruit to this very day.


Research studies continue to report a potential link between the restoration of a healthy balance of gut bacteria, to the reduction of autism symptoms, and show that restoring a healthy balance in gut flora can help treat autistic behaviour.

Cleanthi Alpha-Olenic Olive Oil®, the World’s First Full Spectrum Extra Virgin Olive Oil, has great therapeutic potential in positively modifying the gut microbiota as well as the activity and functioning of the mucosal immune system.

So what makes Alpha-Olenic Olive Oil®

so revolutionary and what really sets us apart? 

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