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Gersh Autism was born out of one man’s dream to provide children with special needs the support and opportunities necessary for success. When Mr. Gersh opened Gersh Academy, it was just that – a place where the underserved children with special needs would be allowed to succeed in an educational setting and beyond. Mr. Gersh quickly began innovating and improving the school’s programming, in-line with the underlying core philosophy that programs and services custom-built around the individual needs of the people they serve are critical to individuals’ success.

As time moved on, we continued to build programs wherever we were needed. When students graduated from our school, we created a program to support them through college. When individuals on the autism spectrum had trouble finding work, we built a vocational program that now partners with top national brands. When children needed therapy services, we expanded the use of technology and innovative techniques such as equine therapy. When children needed a place to socialize, laugh, and play with children both different and alike, we built a program to give them a summer experience like no other. When COVID-19 hit, and students could not enter the school building, we developed a program to bring our services to them. When individuals on the autism spectrum needed a program, we built one!

Gersh Autism is the synergy of all the Gersh programs dedicated to the singular goal of providing individuals on the autism spectrum the best possible support and opportunities throughout their life.

Mission Vision

We provide an environment where programs and services are customized around individual needs.

Gersh Autism’s vision is a world where individuals on the autism spectrum are empowered to thrive.

Our Services

Day and Residential Schools, Therapeutic Services, Post-Secondary Residential, ABA, Vocational, Social and Life Skills, Independence, Respite Care, Summer Recreation, Transition, Family Support.

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