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We believe that all individuals can learn to their potential when given the personalized attention and focused instruction they need. Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes builds the imagery-language foundation to teach students to read and comprehend. We are known for solving reading, spelling, language comprehension, and math challenges. Our unique methodology develops language processing, strengthening the sensory-cognitive functions needed for reading and critical thinking. Proven successful for students with learning challenges, including dyslexia, ADHD, and autism spectrum disorder, our programs and evidence-based instruction are supported by extensive behavioral and neurologic research and over 35 years of experience. With more than 50 Learning Centers worldwide and dozens of seasonal learning camps, we provide individualized instruction in person, or via live, online instruction. Students make years of academic gain in a matter of weeks. 

Every year, we have helped kids of all ages and abilities catch up or get ahead in reading, comprehension, and maths. Now is no different! In this difficult time, school disruptions and online learning caused difficulties even for students who did not previously struggle. What’s more, tried-and-true school activities are up-in-the-air or may not be the same as in previous years. We are uniquely prepared to help kids catch up and thrive—or get ahead. We added online one-to-one sensory-cognitive instruction to our in-person services back in 2015, and continue to deliver dynamic online instruction that is one-to-one, face-to-face, and not just screentime. Our Learning Centers have provided safe, consistent, quality instruction throughout the pandemic. Energetic instructors use strategies and incentives that keep students engaged throughout sessions. Our approach is proven effective whether your child attends in person or learns from home. Discover how one student’s life was changed by Lindamood-Bell: Closing the Gap—Logan’s Story.


We also offer a range of professional development services to educators and schools at the local, regional, and national levels where thousands of children with learning difficulties are receiving our unique, sensory-cognitive instruction for reading, comprehension, and math. We have created school implementation and professional development options designed to maximize student achievement. Lindamood-Bell Academy, our in-person or online accredited K-12 private school, offers not just specialized instruction for students with learning difficulties but also a core school curriculum. Our curriculum is recognized and standards-aligned, approved and accredited in the state of California. A personalized education plan is developed for students and, whether in person or online, our programs replicate the renowned Lindamood-Bell quality on all levels. Students are included in all aspects of school culture and never learn alone.


Lindamood-Bell has been recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, featured in Time, US News and World Report, Neuron, and NeuroImage, and has appeared on CNN and PBS. Lindamood-Bell and all of our Learning Centers are accredited by Cognia. Learn more about Lindamood-Bell with these links:

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