MARAbio, a precision immunology company, provides families and clinicians with tools and knowledge to detect, treat, and effectively manage MARA to improve outcomes and quality of life for affected individuals.

About Us

MARAbio Systems, Inc. (MARAbio) is a precision immunology company with exclusive rights to groundbreaking discoveries made by Dr. Judy Van de Water at UC Davis / MIND Institute related to specific maternal autoantibodies associated with a subtype of autism termed Maternal Autoantibody Related Autism (MARA). Through numerous peer-reviewed scientific manuscripts, the MARA subtype is estimated to represent approximately 20% autism.

Under the guidance of Dr. Van de Water, extensive academic clinical research studies have demonstrated 99% accuracy of a positive MARA test in a mom and diagnosis of severe autism in her child. Notably, certain patterns of MARA autoantibodies present in a mother correlate with significantly increased odds of an "Autism with Intellectual Disability" diagnosis (ASD+ID) in the child.

MARAbio is developing precision technology to accurately predict the likelihood of MARA in a child through a simple blood test in the mother even before clinical symptoms exist, including prior to pregnancy or as early as birth. Furthermore, our research and development efforts extend from MARA detection to developing specific treatment modalities, including therapeutic interventions.

By understanding the underlying mechanism and specific antibodies associated with MARA, we intend to expand the use of current therapeutic treatments and develop new, more personalized therapies that collectively have the potential to prevent the MARA antibodies from affecting the developing child.Enabling the earliest detection of MARA, care providers can initiate early interventions, tailor approaches and specific treatment strategies for better outcomes. We firmly believe early detection coupled with targeted intervention and development of specialized therapeutics will improve the lives of individuals with MARA and their families, while also reducing the burden of care.

Join us on our journey to transform autism detection, management, and treatment. Together, we can make a profound difference in the lives of those affected by this type of autism and pave the way for innovative treatment approaches and better quality of care for families. Visit for more information.

Our Mission

Our vision at MARAbio is a world in which the most severe effects of autism do not occur, where individuals with autism thrive and reach their full potential, free from the limitations of the most severe effects of the condition.

Our mission is to detect, treat, and reduce the prevalence of Maternal Autoantibody Related Autism. We are committed to enhancing outcomes and significantly reducing the burden of care for individuals, families, and communities affected by autism.

What is MARA, and how we test for it

The MARAbio test is based on a proprietary set of autoantibodies that are present in the blood of a significant percentage of mothers with autistic children. Dr. Judy Van de Water, a Professor in the Division of Rheumatology/Allergy and Clinical Immunology at UC Davis and the UC Davis MIND Institute, has discovered a new immune system-mediated subtype of autism, now known as Maternal Antibody Related Autism (MARA). The MARAbio test identifies the presence of the MARA antibodies in mothers who are at increased risk for giving birth to an autistic child, and can assist in the earliest risk assessment of autism in her child

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