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In the late 1970’s Claudie Pomares was studying a brand new field of neuroscience called Environmental Enrichment to help the people in her life who struggled with brain challenges. Today there are thousands of papers that show that enriching the environment with new sensory and motor experience can have a tremendous impact on the way your brain develops and functions. When exposed to all sorts of challenges, these brains show a remarkable ability to compensate. So, Claudie took the protocols used in these labs and put together a program that families can use at home. 

For Families

So far, Mendability has been able to help over 3,000 families in many countries around the world, thanks to making the program available online. In randomized controlled trials, children with autism who added Sensory Enrichment Therapy to their mix of Occupational Therapy, Speech, ABA, etc. were 6 times more likely to make clinical gains compared to the children who only did standard care. In fact, 21% of the children who did Sensory Enrichment on top of their standard care programs fell below the autism cutoff score after 6 months.

For Schools

The best place to enrich the environment of children outside of the home is at school. Mendabilty has developed a program to help special educators do activities with their students that will induce an elevated state of plasticity in their brains and support their goals to improve learning and behavior. Schools can implement this program in groups or one-on-one with more severely affected students. Contact [email protected] for more details. 

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