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Artistic Statement

Omnium means of all and belonging to all- presenting the best in family circus entertainment—inclusive of all and accessible at every performance.

“Striking the first two letters of the word “impossible” is the first step into a world of all things “possible” -- a world that is not a million miles away, rather within us. Embracing ourselves to believe we’re capable of anything will lead us there. We’ll discover that the power, the passion and the perseverance to impel our journey to achieve our goals in life, dwells within our own spirit.”
Noe Espana, Artistic Director, Circus Omnium

Omnium: A Bold New Circus is also a first. We are a new, non-profit circus company emerging from the negative impact of systemic racism, exclusion, multi -generational socio-economic division and the effect of a global pandemic. It was during this time of upheaval that an opportunity for a collaborative effort among a multitude of talented and experienced professionals of all demographics and abilities arose to create a new circus, one that has diversity and inclusivity as the base on which it is built.
Our inaugural season began on December 12, 2020 with a virtual showcase. We partnered with Disability Unite to present our circus using their unique streaming platform technology which provides each viewer with a menu of choices of access (ASL, Plain Language, Captioning, Audio Description, Spanish). Circus Omnium was an immediate success. The NY Times called us “Genuinely Extraordinary”. Our impact has increased exponentially, we have now reached over 25,000 people in 16 states and 5 countries and have well over 200,000 views on tiktok. We have served 45+ schools and community groups; 3000+ students of whom 270+ are blind/ low vision; 480+ are Deaf/ hard of hearing; 500+ are neurodiverse including Autism and 1550+ classify as general education. Our virtual show is currently running 5 days a week through September 2021. The social story is a free download from our website:
Our live production will feature the first ever relaxed seating area for every performance! With your support, our live tour will premiere in November, 2021 in Tysons Corner, VA then continue in NYC at Citi-Field February 2022 through March 15, 2022. Join us in bringing the Circus to life and creating lasting memories for all families!
Historically, the American circus has been a core of societal communication. In 1878 James Bailey introduced the electric light bulb and in 1896 PT Barnum introduced the horseless carriage-- from the center ring to the center of American culture. Circus Omnium continues that tradition of breaking new ground by introducing diversity and inclusion as key elements of a stellar circus production to entertain and engage all audiences and provide a universally shared experience. The creation of joyful experiences is the essential seed of societal change upon which to begin to grow a more positive and inclusive world -- one ‘squeal of delight’ at a time.

Our talent is world class, our diversity is universally uniting.

Lisa B. Lewis
Founder and Executive Director

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