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Since its inception in 2016, Otsimo has been a powerhouse for developing special educational and developmental mobile games for children with special needs. We strive to close the gap in special education by providing easy-to-use and affordable special education and speech therapy solutions to kids in need. Our two main products are Otsimo Special Education and Otsimo Speech Therapy, and we offer tailor-made solutions that fit the specific needs of around half a million children with special needs across the globe.

Our ultimate goal is to become an all-inclusive education platform where children can find quality early and intensive education materials and games to boost their development that will be suitable for their unique developmental state. Otsimo’s story began when Zafer’s little brother was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder. He was one of the lucky ones to be able to get early education. But the resources they could get as a family were limited, and Alper’s friends weren’t as lucky as him to get a couple hours of special education sessions and therapies. The resources offered by the state were limited, and the financial burden of providing life-long education was too heavy for many of the families with the diagnosis. At the time, Zafer was studying computer science, and he immediately started to seek out additional resources to help his brother with his learning.

However, the limited games and educational content were not suitable for his brother’s needs and they weren’t designed with sensory sensitivities in mind. So he decided to build his own app for his little brother. Starting with a simple matching game, Zafer managed to build a small platform for his brother’s education. He and his partner Sercan decided to make this easy-to-access product available to more families to support their kids. This is how Otsimo Special Education was born. His nonverbal brother learned colors with this app Zafer and his partner developed. This became an enormous inspiration so they didn’t stop there. Otsimo went on to develop Otsimo Speech Therapy once Zafer realized his brother’s interest in a toy piano. Alper would not speak, but when prompted, imitated Zafer when they were playing with the toy piano. This was basically the inception of Otsimo Speech Therapy, a special app designed for children with speech delays and other speech issues.

The app incorporates traditional well-researched speech therapy approaches with a technological twist, making the one-way, oftentimes uninteresting tasks and practices interactive and fun through state-of-the art technology solutions. Starting with just a single person, we have managed to touch the lives of many kids and their parents and caregivers. Otsimo is changing and will continue to change the face of special education one child at a time until every kid with special needs gets the quality and accessible education they need and are entitled to.

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