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our story

PocketFinder was founded in 2005 when our co-President and Chief Development Officer, a single parent, needed to know where his young son was when he couldn’t be there. Utilizing his wireless technology background, a team was formed to find a solution to this problem many parents face. The innovative solution was PocketFinder, a product and company of individuals dedicated to providing a reliable, easy-to-use GPS tracking system.

15 years later, PocketFinder is a leading GPS tracking solution for families and businesses all over the world! Our Support team works directly with Management, ensuring customer feedback directly impacts every update we make. The “voice of the customer” continues to define our story.

Mission Vision

PocketFinder is all about connections. Whether your loved one lives down the street or across the world, Pocketfinder brings families together. Our job is to take complex GPS and wireless technologies and deliver a simple, user-friendly solution that gives you peace of mind.

PocketFinder is also about independence for those being tracked. With reliable reporting, they can live their life and you can rest easy knowing they are safe. 

Our Services

PocketFinder offers numerous features easily set up online and in the app. All devices and subscriptions come with: unlimited locates, unlimited Zones to know when a device enters or exits an area, unlimited alerts, 60 day rolling history that can be downloaded into Excel or PDF, and allows for multiple users monitoring one account. The tracker has multiple location intervals, SOS button/ alert, Low Battery alert, and an emergency Track Mode feature.

Our system is built to put the power in your hands. Our PocketFinder team is always happy to schedule a call to make sure your settings are optimal for your tracking needs. We are here to give you the tools for keeping your loved one safe.

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