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Today’s world can be an overwhelming place.  Children can have trouble communicating while processing all the cues around them. Our founders have spent years teaching children how to learn in these challenging environments.

Puppet Academy was created by a speech-language pathologist and an educator with over 70 years combined experience in helping children develop their cognitive, communication, critical thinking, and creative skills now and for the future.

Our goal is to make a meaningful difference through products that support positive social interactions, verbal communication skills and problem solving…engaging our kids to grow healthy, productive lifestyles.

Empower children to learn through play using tools they enjoy!

  • Engaging, Fun and Interactive
  • Easy to use with family and peers over and over
  • Your child learns at home through healthy digital activity
  • Play together and include one remote location*
  • Child-led play planned and performed together
  • The ‘host’ records, saves and shares performances
  • Neutral characters and varied backgrounds enable unlimited creativity and imagination
  • Impromptu family exchange or home-based carry over activities, homework
  • Social exchange using puppets to create conversation, story, recollections, daily events, routines and more! Kids love it!

Puppet AcademyTM uses familiar technology from home, laptop/desktop computer with Xbox or PS4 controllers and high-speed internet.

To purchase the stand-alone family version visit our website: https://puppetacademy.com/families/

For those working with a professional, this tool can be used for carry over (generalization) activities, a classroom homework assignment or for topical conversation**.

Although we can provide generic suggestions to our member families, we do not provide programming that would be specific to your child.

Consult your health professional if you are in need of specific practice strategies such as engaging a team member, choosing a topic, or to carry over a strategy using Puppet Academy that coincides with your family’s behavioual goals.

*Remote players need to obtain a family version as well.

Puppet AcademyTM has a health/education professional version in health for demonstrating conversational strategies, completing education outcomes in the classroom or IEPs.

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