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“My daughter has multiple special needs and I've searched for another way to keep her safe in our vehicle. I couldn't continue to pick 60 pounds up and put her in her 5-point [harness]. I actually saw a picture of a fellow mom of a special needs kiddo in her car—asked her what she was wearing and she sent me the link. Literally, an answered prayer! My daughter is in 25 hours of therapy a week and therefore I am overjoyed with the product and it's ease of use!,” says Kandra B. of Tennessee.

As seasoned car seat experts, we launched Safe Ride 4 Kids in 2012 to share innovative but relatively undiscovered products that solved some challenges many parents face because they were challenges we faced.

Our Mission

Our mission is to save lives and reduce emotional suffering by preventing children from being injured or killed in car crashes from conception forward.

Driving is the most dangerous activity we do every day, but your family has places to be and things to do. Safe Ride 4 Kids helps you keep your children safe in the car by equipping you with innovative products and unbiased information from our team of certified safety experts.

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We teach car seat safety with best practice and reality in mind. We want parents to know what’s considered safest. And we recognize not every family can follow best practice, but rather have to do the best they can with their particular circumstances (car, number of children, health factors, etc.). We are parents (to 3 super awesome kids) and we understand raising kids and keeping them safe is a tough, 24/7 job. Forget the lectures and mom-judge. We’re here to help you where you are.

We aim to choose innovative products that are unique, fill a need in a new way and surpasses safety standards. We currently offer you two featured solutions for two age ranges: conception to birth and 3 to seat-belt ready.

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