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The inspirational story of Speech Blubs’ four founders is well known and tells how they struggled with speech issues as children, which motivated them to launch the #1 educational app. Speech Blubs started as a “hobby project,” rapidly grew into an app that digitized speech therapists’ practice activities, and has resulted in over 3 million downloads so far. We also recently launched ‘Reading Blubs’ to teach kids literacy skills.

Mission Vision

We want to make the world a better place by helping parents and their kids and have a fun time doing it. We build great products that are sustainable, like our business, to have a long-term impact on our society.

Our Services

Speech Blubs 2 is an update of its highly-rated voice-controlled speech therapy app that has 3 M+ downloads and helps kids learn 1st sounds, words, & sentences. This version’s new look, helpful parent’s section, saveable face filters, & access to the reading app READING BLUBS are a “must-have” for late-talkers, kids with ADHD, Apraxia, Autism, Down syndrome, or anyone who’d like to improve their kid’s speech development.

Speech Blubs 2 uses video modeling, a proven method where children watch kids as “teachers” on video and then try to copy them. And it works! Another plus is that the app has zero ads and slow-moving transitions between activities to provide a safe and gentle learning experience. We also use ABA therapy-inspired positive reinforcement that rewards kids with fun games, face filters, and stickers for trying.

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