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Our firm, led by founder Dana A. Stamps, and helped by his son, Eric A. Stamps, represent families from all over the United States who have been harmed by manufacturers. When a person is injured by a corrupt company, they don’t want to be consumed by everything that is involved in taking on Goliath while feeling like David. Our firm handles everything for you so that you are able to spend time with the people you love, doing the activities you love.  

As a father of an autistic son, we are especially passionate about one case, that case involves seven companies that sold toxic baby food to your family and ours leading to thousands of children developing autism.

Have you asked the same question asked by so many of us parents of children with Autism(ASD), “What is the cause of my child’s autism?”  For some, we now have the answer.

A recent Congressional Report titled “Baby Foods Are Tainted with Dangerous Levels of Arsenic, Lead, Cadmium, and Mercury” showed that 7 major baby food companies sold food to parents for consumption by babies that were known to have dangerous metals in them. How bad were these food we trusted?

The report states:

Lead was up to 177 times the maximum amount allowed

Arsenic was up to 91 times

Cadmium was up to 69 times

Mercury was up to 5 times  

Let that sink in. Our small children, so tiny and precious, were given dangerously and disgustingly high amounts of these toxic metals from companies we trusted. AND THE COMPANIES KNEW IT!

What Baby Food Companies are Included?

1. Beech-Nut

2. Earth’s Best Organic (Hain Celestial Group)

3. Gerber

4. HappyBABY (Nurture)

5. Parent’s Choice (Walmart)

6. Plum Organics (Campbell Soup Company)

7. Sprout Foods

What are the requirements of the family?

Cooperation. Most of the work is handled by the legal team. The family usually has little time devoted to the case. The legal team handles the case so you can focus your time on therapies and doing what you love.  

What damages are Sought?

Medical cost, lost economic ability, future living and medical cost, other  

Do these cases generally settle or do most go to trial?  

Most settle. 

If I can’t afford to pay a lawyer, will you still help me?  

Of course. We are here to help people and our fees are based upon winning for you and your family.  

What sets your firm apart in handling these cases?

As a father of an autistic son, I understand your situation and will fight to hold the manufacturers accountable.  We care about each client and family.

Who should contact us?

Parents of child under 16 who fed their child baby food from one or more of the above companies and their child then was diagnosed with Autism(or ASD).


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