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About Dr. Ynge Ljung

I am Dr. Ynge – that’s Ynge with a “Y” and I work with people dealing with migraines, headaches, digestive disorders, children on the autism spectrum and a host of other physical and mental challenges to get relief naturally. 

I’ve been treating people with allergies for the past 23 years as an Acupuncture Physician and Naturopath – and 15 years ago I created the Allergy Kit which eliminates allergies without needles – without having to take any pills or put anything on your skin. Yes – I know – I’m an acupuncture physician who treats without needles!

I’m on a mission to help end people’s suffering and struggle naturally – and save them thousands of dollars and precious time in the process.

In the year 2000, the incidence of autism was estimated to be one in 150 children. Today the estimation is one in 45.

Autism Spectrum Disorders include Autism, Asperger's, ADD and ADHD.  Dyslexia could be included too as a mild form, as well as other learning disabilities (LD).

It is known that every child on the spectrum is very sensitive and has many allergies, whether these are food, environmental or chemical allergies.

Often when they have a temper tantrum they are having an allergic reaction. They can't help it, it is not their fault.  They may be reacting to crayons, paint on the walls, chemicals in carpets, new car smell, electromagnetic frequencies or others.

Children with Autism are very sensitive to Wi-Fi, which should be turned off during the night when the body is recuperating. The best is no Wi-Fi!

Children on the spectrum often won't eat their vegetables and other healthy foods. They crave sugary foods and simple carbohydrates. This destroys their digestive system. They need to eat healthier, less processed foods.

Once the allergies and allergens are under control, the cravings will start to subside. Regular treatments will most likely be necessary since most processed foods are packed with sugars and preservatives. Still, after treatment of these children in the spectrum with The Allergy Kit for Autism and cleaning up their diet, these children will feel much better, lead healthier lives, have more fulfilling relationships and display improvement in their school performance.

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