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Yoocan is the number one global collaborative community for people with disabilities. It has been successful in connecting thousands of individuals with each other and helped them share their stories, recommend products and services, as well tips on how to overcome obstacles. Yoocan is a successful model that we have repeatedly taken to the next level, but more than anything Yoocan is a labor of love. Yoav and Moshe Gaon built Yoocan for Erez, Yoav’s son, and with his help. Erez is growing up with a family and a community that knows him since he was a child and is following his progress closely. This is the experience we wish for all our users. Sharing a story or recommending a product on Yoocan is not just another promotion, it can change someone’s day, it can change someone’s life.

Sharing your story on Yoocan should also be a labor of love for you. Love for the fellow people in the community and for all people with disabilities that are facing challenges that they feel they cannot overcome are facing obstacles that seem insurmountable and are feeling alone and misunderstood. Sharing your story can uplift them and help them overcome hardships, knowing that there is a way to do so.

We invite you to read some of the powerful stories shared over the years on Yoocan and see how important it is to join our storyteller’s community. We hope the stories will inspire you to share something important.

We now offer not just an option to write a personal story, recommendation, or tips, you can now also share all of this and more in video form. We have developed a feature where you can film a video on your phone and share it with us quickly and easily without uploading it to any other platform. We make sure the video is shared on our site and all our platforms.

Sharing your story with us will leave a lasting impression on the world and the disability community. We still get inquiries from all over the world about stories and storytellers that were published years ago. The power of your experiences is immense, and we want to help bring them to as many people as possible.

With the people that know our community, we have built trust. With the power of everyone that participates in the community, we inspire trust in those who visit Yoocan for the first time. This trust has been built on a long-standing tradition of recommending products and services that work, that have been known to help change the lives of people with disabilities and help them overcome challenges with ease. We invite you to be a part of this effort and if you have products and services help bring them to the community. You will be able to reach the right target audience through a channel that is customized and trustworthy.

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